Our strategy

We are committed to helping address critical social, environmental and economic needs of marginalised and underprivileged sections of our communities. We do this by adopting a shared value approach to help solve problems, while strengthening our competitive advantage.




Skills & livelihoods

Trained (Till FY 22) 4,136 youth 
Target (FY 26) 2,20,000 youth

Public health

Reached (Till FY 22) 11.5 million people in 3 states
Target (FY 26) Reached 30 million people in 3 states

Waste management

Processed (Till FY 22) Scientific waste management systems in 2 municipalities
Target (FY 26) Efficient waste management systems for 3 municipalities in India

Watershed management

Developed (Till FY 22) 1,486 ha of land
Target (FY 24) Treat 3,234 ha of land




Improving earning potential by building core domain skills, focusing on entrepreneurship and life skills education, and providing post-training support


Training young people in beauty and hair care  

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Developing beauty and wellness enterprises  

Darling Hair and Beauty Skills Training

Addressing unemployment among underprivileged youth in Kenya and Nigeria through hairdressing training


Public health

Public Health

Partnering with the Indian government’s aim to make India malaria-free by 2030 by creating awareness and driving behaviour change in high-risk rural areas

Project EMBED

Addressing the burden of malaria, dengue and chikungunya in three states by creating awareness, driving behaviour change and providing technical support to the Government of India and state governments

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Waste management

Waste Management

Tackling inefficient solid waste management through partnerships with local municipalities, social entrepreneurs and residents

Community waste management

Running community waste management projects using circular economy principles in collaboration with local municipalities

Waste to fuel

Experimenting to convert plastic waste into fuel, and recycle forest and agri residue into briquettes for use as biofuel


Watershed management

Watershed Management

Partnering with NABARD to help restore the ecological balance in drought-prone regions and mitigate the risk of climate change for small and marginal farmers

Watershed development project

Developing land, capturing water, and planting saplings to enhance livelihoods, facilitate irrigation, and ensure sustainable agriculture practices