GCPL is on 'Facebook at Work'

PTI, The Times Of India, 10 May 2016

Social networking giant Facebook has started boarding companies for 'Facebook at Work' in India. 'Facebook at Work' is said to be social networking giant's Slack competitor.

According to the company, "Facebook at Work lets you create a work account that is separate from your personal Facebook account. With a 'Facebook at Work' account, you can use Facebook tools to interact with coworkers. Things you share using your work account will only be visible to other people at your company."

Several companies in India such as L&T Infotech, YES Bank, Godrej Industries, Delhivery and Zomato are using 'Facebook at Work'.

"'Facebook at Work' was developed as a mobile-first solution. And this resonates in India, where more than 142 million people are already on Facebook, and almost 90% come back on mobile. People understand how to use features like the News Feed, Groups, Messages, and Events", claims the company. However, while it's a similar experience, 'Facebook at Work' is separate from a personal account. In a completely secure way only coworkers within a company, from the CEO to the retail store employee, can see information posted on 'Facebook at Work'.

"Rolling out 'Facebook at Work' to companies in India is a significant milestone. As the workplace transforms, businesses want new ways for co-workers to collaborate effectively and be more productive. We are excited at the high rate of adoption globally and I look forward to working with all businesses in India," stated Julien Codorniou, director of 'Facebook at Work'.

"We have found enterprise software for companies to be generally not social. I have, on at least a dozen occasions, asked our team why there isn't anything like Facebook in the enterprise space. I was delighted to find out about 'Facebook at Work'. We have started using it and it is an absolutely fabulous tool to connect people across teams and geographies. We have used it to comment and chat in real time during a big strategy roll out. On Mother's Day, we had people across posting about their mothers. I believe that it has huge business value. It makes a company seem smaller and more human, just like Facebook does for the world in general," said Nisaba Godrej, executive director, Godrej Consumer Products Limited.