The Black Box, our Digital Command Centre in Mumbai, where we measure real-time performance of our brands

Strategic Priority

Building digital competencies, forging global partnerships, and using digital metrics to drive conversion

Capitals Impacted
  • Competitive market conditions
  • Rapidly changing digital landscape
  • Strong internal global and regional structures to support bold ambitions
  • Strategic and internationally acclaimed agencies to improve performance
  • Bespoke approach: Country roadmaps to reflect brand and regional stages of development
  • Agile test and learn approach
  • Future proofing the business by spending time with tech giants and start-ups
Key Focus Areas
  • Building dedicated digital teams
  • Ramping up e-commerce
  • Leveraging global partnerships
  • Strengthening our digital ecosystem
  • Investing in technology and infrastructure
  • Crafting consumer-generated content
  • Experimenting and improving reach
Value created

We are increasingly integrating digital capabilities with different aspects of our business - how we manufacture, go-to-market and engage with our consumers. Through these efforts, we are building stronger Social & Relationship Capital by way of partnerships and more meaningful consumer connect. In the last year, we clocked a 53 per cent increase in digital reach.

We are also investing in building internal capabilities and Intellectual Capital through focused talent, trainings and infrastructure.

  • 53% increase in digital reach
  • Cost per engagement 2x lower than fiscal year 2017-18
  • 32% increase in competency levels in search engine marketing and measurement
  • 70% of brand websites redesigned for improved consumer user experience, organic traffic, and conversion
  • Average time spent on each brand website improved significantly


Our Global Digi Cell brings together digital marketers from across geographies to share ideas and learning. In addition to this, we partner with other internal and external teams on digital priorities. Our online education tie-up with Circus Street resulted in a 32 per cent increase in competency levels in key areas of search engine marketing and measurement.



We are building and leveraging global partnerships (such as Google and Shopalyst) to accelerate learning and experimentation. Our strategic partnership with Facebook helps tap into best practices and beta trials of their crucial platforms. In September 2018, our core team participated in deep immersive sessions at Google and Facebook headquarters (at Mountain View and Palo Alto, respectively), bringing us closer to our key partners and revealing crucial consumer insights. They also attended sessions with a variety of consumer-facing start-ups to build an understanding of digital-first thinking.


Our Digital team at the Google headquarters, California



Seventy per cent of our brand websites have been redesigned for improved consumer user experience, organic traffic, and conversion. The average time spent on each site has improved significantly. The bounce rate has reduced, primarily due to more engaging content and deeper linking of articles to drive prolonged engagement.

Launched last year, the Black Hair Hub is an unbranded, consumer website dedicated to black hair. The site includes articles, images, and how-to videos to help and inspire African women across the globe. It has been a big success, with a run rate of 80,000 visits per month and a 21 per cent revisit rate.



We have set up an e-commerce business for India with separate P&L accountability. This structure will allow us to be more agile and deliver the consumer focus required to win. Specifically, we are targeting growth from e-commerce- focused product innovation and digital native brands, in addition to our current portfolio. To enable this, we have a dedicated digital team, the ‘Ecom Cell’, a team of in-country e-commerce specialists, charged with rapidly growing online sales.


Black Hair Hub, our online magazine, showcases the latest trends in ethnic African hair



At the Black Box, a physical digital command centre at our headquarters in Mumbai, we monitor live digital activity across our brands. It helps evaluate brand conversations across Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. We also use it to respond to issues and gather consumer insights to drive campaigns and for new product development.



Peer-to-peer product recommendation is the holy grail of marketing ROI. Social media allows us to tap into this at scale. We have been working with influencers to get our products in front of our target demographic on the platforms where they spend time (Instagram, Facebook and YouTube). The consumer content that is generated is authentic and believable as well as in a tone and language that our consumers connect with. We continue to ramp this up and will be soon launching our internal production studio – The Light Box – which will enable us to engage influencers, celebrities and consumers alike to generate cost-effective, engaging and on-brand content.


Our Digital team won the prestigious ‘Advertiser of the Year’ award at the ECHO Asia 2018 Awards



Improved targeting and content has resulted in a 53 per cent increase in digital reach. We have also started collecting first-party data to ensure further reach through a cost-effective and targeted approach. Furthermore, cost per engagement is 2× lower than that in fiscal year 2017-18. Our industry-leading social click-through rate (CTR) has improved due to a focus on consumer insight driven creatives and an increase in the use of consumer- generated content.


Our newly revamped aer website