Making our supply chain
best in class

Our Business Partners Meet at Ho Chi Minh City

Open house day at our Gunung Putri factory in Indonesia

Our Darling factory in Mozambique

Inside GCPL's largest soap manufacturing facility at Malanpur

Best-in-class practices

  • Introducing best practices across geographies to become more agile: Demand-driven Supply Chain, Theory of Constraints, Total Productive Maintenance, Lean, Six Sigma and Low Cost Automation
  • Strengthening supply chain processes in international businesses: integration into one SAP ERP, Lean and Kaizen
  • Extending shop floor employee engagement initiatives to international businesses


  • Global strategic sourcing with significant benefits to the bottom-line; Godrej Green Purchase Policy rolled out to key vendors
  • Sustainable manufacturing and supply chain practices, resulting in significant improvements in energy and water consumption, carbon footprint, waste generation and renewable energy

Agile fulfillment

  • Mapping cutting-edge replenishment practices to the Advanced Planning and Optimisation module of SAP
  • Responding to constantly changing consumer demand patterns, leading to high fill rates; now an industry benchmark, with 95%+ customer service levels across key geographies
  • Improving 'freshness' of products at time of sale, better logistics practices, product traceability and reduced obsolescence through the project on bar coding shippers

Future-ready investments

  • Enhancing manufacturing capacity, across geographies
  • Piloting the 'Internet of Things' in manufacturing and logistics
  • Gearing up for the implementation of the Goods & Services Tax in India