innovation and renovation

BBLUNT Salon Secret
  • Unique 3-part hair colouring system with shine tonic for salon-like hair at home
  • Wide range of ammonia free colours: Coffee, Mahogany, Blueberry, Honey, Chocolate, Wine and Black
Good knight Fabric Roll-On
  • Foray into out-of-home mosquito protection
  • Innovative roll-on format, with easy 4-dot and non-staining application
  • 100% natural and safe for children
  • Provides protection for up to 8 hours
HIT Gel Stick
  • 3x more powerful, 7-day efficacy in single application
  • Distinctive transparent gel
  • Unique hassle-free bristle applicator
  • Great value for money at ₹30
Godrej No. 1 Germ Protection
  • Extending our value added soaps portfolio
  • Infused with the goodness of nature, offers the dual proposition of beautiful and germ protected skin
  • Blend of neem, a natural germ fighter, and coconut milk for added nourishment to your skin
NYU Crème Hair Colour
  • Foray into hair colour in Indonesia, specifically designed for the Indonesian working woman
  • Becomes the #3 brand in hair colour (modern trade) within a year of launch
  • Ammonia-free, odourless formula ensures hair is damagefree
  • Super fruit extracts give your hair a pleasant fragrance, vitamin oil makes it soft and shiny
  • Available in 5 shades: Natural Black, Caramel, Copper Brown, Burgundy and Natural Brown
Stella Pocket
  • Unique slim gel technology cross-pollinated from our India business
  • Innovative format, clutterbreaking design
  • Range of long-lasting fragrances
Yaki Braids Candy Crush Range
  • High quality fibre, market leading range of braids
  • Summer collection of bold and bright colours
  • Newly introduced ombre styles
  • Experiment with multiple colours in the same style for a variety of looks
  • Suitable for all braided styles - corn-rows, twists and box braids
Issue 3D Gloss
  • Three-dimensional technology for deeper and more visible shine
  • Provides radiant, intense and inalterable colour
  • High reflection extracts enhance the colour and vitality of your hair
Pamela Grant All Day Long Lasting Makeup
  • Provides 24-hour colour and moisturisation
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Leaves skin blemish-free
  • Available in 2 colour tones: Light and Medium
Soft & Gentle 0% Aluminium Dry Deodorant
  • Offers 100% natural protection and all day freshness
  • Spray format with 3 variants: Active, Floral and Care
  • Horsetail extract and Sage Oil create a botanical complex, act as an astringent to help close pores and reduce bacteria flora on your skin