Goodknight Fast Card

Goodknight Fast Card
  • Revolutionary paper-based solution; opens up a whole new format
  • Available at just  Rs. 1 per card
  • Does not require electricity
  • Offers tremendous potential in rural India where penetration of household insecticides is very low


Goodknight Xpress

godnight express
  • India's fastest and most powerful liquid vapouriser
  • 3X more powerful than other liquid vapourisers in the market
  • Does away with the need for the dual regimen of clubbing liquid vapourisers with other faster acting formats like coils


aer twist gel

air twist gel
  • Unique gel technology provides consistent fragrance from day 1 to day 60
  • Spill-proof
  • Exclusive twist mechanism makes it easy to turn on and off
  • Fits well in your cup holder or sits stylishly on the dashboard


Godrej No.1

godrej no1 soap
  • Grade 1 soap, superior quality and outstanding value for money
  • Builds on the natural beauty platform of Godrej No. 1
  • Exotic lavender and moisturising milk cream combined with natural oils, leaves your skin soft and fragrant



godrej protect
  • A new dimension in health and protection, by merging performance with a never-before user experience for Indian consumers
  • India's first instant foam hand wash with effective germ protection for children
  • An alcohol-free (and therefore skin-friendly) hand sanitiser with 8-hour germ protection, for the first time in India
  • Innovative, water-based, mosquito repellent spray, stays effective for 8 hours
  • Environmentally sensitive products, packed in 100% recyclable bottles


Stella Membrane

indonesia Stella Membrane
  • Stella ventures into the car (rear view mirror) category
  • Becomes the market leader within just 8 months of launch
  • Range designed to appeal to whole family; becomes a major contributor to its success
  • A new home range launched, following on the success of the car range


Darling Easy Braid

  • Nigeria's first-ever hybrid braid
  • Pre-cut and pre-picked, it is ready-to-use; saves time, prevents waste and provides a perfect 'pencil finish'
  • Tangle-free and lightweight, minimising hassles
  • Hot water set, the tips of these braids curl when placed in hot water



Ilicit latin america
  • Relaunches with a new proposition of revitalising hair colouring with silk proteins
  • Endorsed for the first time by a celebrity brand ambassador, actress Carolina Arregui
  • Maintains leadership in volume market share


Soft & Gentle

uk Soft Gentle
  • Exciting new refreshed range of the highest quality, nature-inspired fragrances
  • Kind to sensitive skin, with 48-hour protection
  • Establishes fragrance as the unique selling proposition: 2 new fragrances, Orange Blossom & Grapefruit and Pear & Cottonflower
  • Develops stick deodorants to ensure a comprehensive range of formats