Extending leadership
in our core categories
and geographies


Strategic Priority

  • Extending leadership in our core categories and geographies
Capitals Impacted
  • Social and

  • Financial

  • Human

  • Intellectual

  •  Macroeconomic factors
  •  Exchange rate volatility
  •  Competitive market conditions and new entrants to the market
  •  Focused 3 by 3 growth strategy
  •  Growth potential in priority markets
  •  Superior-quality, affordable products that provide great value
Key Focus Area
  •  Building leadership in hair care, home care and personal care in Asia, Africa, and Latin America

Value Created

We have enhanced value creation through organic and inorganic growth and in line with our 3 by 3 growth strategy. Consequently, Social and Relationship Capital, as measured in leadership market positions, category penetration, and consumption rates, has improved. This has led to our Financial Capital metrics being strengthened.

Our multi-local strategy translates into serving diverse geographies, consumer preferences, and socio-economic contexts. As a result, we have significantly diversified our Human Capital. Today, we have over 11,257 team members across 23 countries. We continue to build diversity as a competitive advantage. In line with our approach to democratising categories, we are making world-class products available at affordable prices. We do this through ramping up our design-driven innovation, capabilities, and Intellectual Capital, measured through patents, brand valuation, and R&D investments.


Our globalisation strategy

Our globalisation strategy (named '3 by 3') has been very deliberate. Guided by this, over the last decade, we have created significant value through M&A and established strong beachheads in three categories (home care, hair care, and personal care) in three emerging geographies (Asia, Africa, and Latin America).

A broad emerging markets portfolio

In fiscal year 2010, 23 per cent of our overall revenues were derived from international businesses. In fiscal year 2020, it is 46 per cent, with Indonesia and Africa accounting for 41 per cent.

Geography Salience (FY10)

Geography Salience (FY20)

A focused approach to category choices

We have moved from an over 50 per cent soaps portfolio in 2010 to a more balanced and strategic category portfolio. Today, we have three core categories, namely household insecticides, personal wash, and hair care. We have entered into a new category to serve the hair care needs of African women. Air care, which we forayed into a few years ago in India, has now become the fourth global category for us.

Category Salience (FY10)

Category Salience (FY20)

Diversified category
portfolios within geographies

India (FY20)

Indonesia (FY20)

Africa, USA and Middle East (FY20)

A portfolio of power brands

₹1,000 Crore+

₹500-1,000 Crore

₹250-500 Crore

Top 10 brands contribute ~70 per cent of revenue

Strengthened brand positions
across key markets and geographies
Latin America