Before we start, here's a little something about us. protekt protects (well, obviously). From nasty germs, nagging mosquitoes, painful infections and trips to the doctors. But there's something more that we hold dear. We call it clean. green. happy.

Clean is not just what our products do, it's also the way we make our products. No harmful chemicals. No irritants. No false claims. Nothing dirty. Just awesome products made with a clean conscience.

Green is where our products come from. Like a protekt hand sanitiser is made with 98% naturally derived ingredients. Ditto for our hand wash. And it's all packed in little bottles that are totally recyclable. Who said products that protect have to remind you of a hospital?

'Happy' is how we want you to feel. With our delightful design and delicious fragrances, protekt is the best and the happiest way to protect what you love!

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Godrej Protekt hand sanitizer #ProtektLittleHands

Godrej Protekt hand sanitizer #ProtektLittleHands

Little hands are always up to something. Don’t let germs get in their way! Let’s #ProtektLittleHands and encourage our children to explore the world with their hands, with the naturally-derived Godrej Protekt hand sanitizer

Masterblaster handwash

Masterblaster handwash

Introducing godrej protekt masterblaster; a handwash unlike any other. How, you ask? Well, it does not contain harmful chemicals and is naturally derived. It washes germs away like nobody's business – while of course, leaving your hands soft and your nose delighted.

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